Traditional Asian Bakery

Asian Bakery is dedicated to producing breads using traditional baking techniques - handmade bread, granola, cookies and more with simple, high quality ingredients. All baked locally in our woodfired brick oven.

Our staff will reach you at your door in the expected time with a smile. We will accept future orders as well so you can plan your happy moments in advance.

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Asian Bakery, Thattampady, Ernakulam


Monday to Saturday: 07:00 - 17:00

Closed on Sundays

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Cup Cake
Cheese Buns
Cheese Bun
Sweet Bread
Sweet Bread
Striped Buns
Striped Bun
Chocolate Donut
Chocolate Donut
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About us

Our main chef Anwar established the Asian bakery in Aluva in 1992. Cakes were our start. And those cakes became the highlight since we had recipes of cakes that people can eat every day. Along with cakes, we added another level of sweetness like ladoo, jalebi, ice creams, gulab jamuns to the menu list and our menu was getting larger day by day. As we grow we started the other 3 branches as an aspiration to spread our taste of sweetness all over the world. We are doing our best to find more and more items that can win people's hearts. Some people say happiness should be celebrated with sweets and we are trying to give happiness by having our Asian bakery sweets.

Main Chef Anwar

Hello, I'm Anwar!

I have been a chef for almost 30 years, I always loved to cook food for people and saw their happy faces. I worked on lots of recipes for baking cakes and lots of them became successful. I thought I need to give those tastes to people. This all brings me to starting the Asian bakery.